Upper Bay Museum – North East, Maryland

I have been to North East, Maryland a number of times. I’ve even been to the community park a number of times. Somehow, I never visited the Upper Bay Museum, which is located in the park. How did I let this little gem that highlights so much local history go unexplored for so long?

Admission would have been well worth paying, but there was no entrance fee. You can, however, leave a donation or join the museum if you’d like to support their effort to keep local history alive for future generations.

Handcarved duck decoys

There were a number of duck decoy and duck hunting exhibits. For a more extensive history of Susquehanna Flats and decoy making, you can visit the Havre de Grace Decoy Museum across the bridge, which has an admission fee of $6 for adults.

Interested in rowing? I have never seen so many sculling oars in one spot! If marine engines are your thing, the museum says that its collection is one of the most extensive in the nation.

Although I’ve heard many stories of local beavers and caught a glimpse of one before, I’ve never seen their handiwork up close. The museum has a stump they found nearby that shows what a determined beaver can do! There was also a very nice collection of Native American arrowheads, bowls, etc. from local indigenous people in a display case beside the stump.

waterman's cabin
There are several excellent exhibits that follow the history of the men who harvested the bounty of the Chesapeake throughout the years. Don’t miss the ice fishing shanty, the wooden net floats, or the waterman’s dinner table.

If you arrive when the boatbuilding school next door is in session, you can also glimpse boatbuilders in action and see some very old boats awaiting their turn in the restoration spotlight.

Need another reason to visit this little jewel of a museum with your family? Well, it IS a Pokemon gym and Pokestop mega zone! There are a number of stops in the park and quite a few water type Pokemon to catch.
For More Information:

Upper Bay Museum

219 West Walnut Street
North East, MD 21901

Phone: (410) 287-2675

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