Mamie’s with Love – Comfort Food in Aberdeen, Maryland

Wow! How has it taken me so long to discover this little gem of a place? Mamie’s with Love is one of those adorable places just packed with kitschy fun. It would probably be worth the visit to just see all the quirky collections. The restaurant really reminds me of all the neat little places we ate at in Iceland. However, there is more to Mamie’s than the d├ęcor. It is one of those cafes that all the locals know about, where you buy lunch and take a substantial box of leftovers home for dinner.


When I stepped in the door, I was greeted by the nicest guy, who immediately found me an easily accessible seat. (I’m currently hobbling about with a cane after recent knee surgery.) All the wait staff was very attentive, even though there was a pretty sizable lunch crowd. They almost anticipated our needs and stopped back frequently at my table. I noticed them doing the same for everyone else, too.

I started my order with iced tea and the “Famous Corn Fritters” from the appetizer menu. They are justifiably labeled. The fritters were perfectly cooked – not at all greasy. There was plenty of corn inside and each little bite tasted amazing. At $6.95, they were a great value and definitely something I ordered again. My dining companion and I both thoroughly enjoyed them.


For our first course, we had the chicken soup, which was the special of the day. It was good- flavorful but not mild.

From the bags of food people were toting out, I assumed our servings would be generous, so we decided to split the Southern club as our main course. We ended up eating a quarter sandwich each and taking the other half of the sandwich home for dinner. It was massive and the turkey tasted home cooked. It was another thing I’d absolutely order again.

For dessert, we ordered rice pudding. It still does not compare to my great-grandma’s recipe, but I’ve only ever found one restaurant that has!

Overall, this was a wonderful experience and Mamie’s is absolutely a place I’d recommend as family friendly and fun.

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