Eden Mill Nature Center in Jarettsville, MD

I went on a hike at Eden Mill Nature Center, one of Harford County’s best spots for introducing children to nature, this spring. Along with several easy trails and the chance to see a number of lovely birds and other critters, this center has a very nice grist mill museum and the nature center has wildlife exhibits and great information for families looking to learn more about the world around them. Right now, there is also a wonderful storywalk. (If you haven’t done a storywalk with young children, you are missing out! Harford County Public Library has installed this one, which is about a little fox exploring nature in the Spring. Each page spread of the story is installed along a path and has suggestions for interactions below. For example, when Fletcher rolls down a hill, you can choose to roll down the small hill in front of you to the next page in the book or you can roll your hands as you walk to the next page.)

Eden Mill has a very nice booklet of information about the trails and rates them according to difficulty. I hiked several of the easy trails, although I turned back at the switchback on one of them. There were plenty of opportunities to see nature. I saw a chipmunk, a muskrat, 4 deer and many birds. (If you have good knees, you can do the more difficult trails with no problem. I hiked all of them a few years ago.) The best part of hiking here in the spring is seeing the abundance of bluebirds nesting.

Waiting for me to step back

Time to feed the kids

Lesser Yellow Legs – didn’t expect to find him here!

Downy Woodpecker

For More Information:

Eden Mill Nature Center
1617 Eden Mill Road
Pylesville, MD 21132

Phone: 410-836-3050

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