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I’ve wanted to see the Atlantic Hotel ever since I watched Runaway Bride. This was back when we had these things called VCR’s, so it was awhile ago. Atlantic Hotel was the setting for part of the movie. There’s a well known scene where Julia Roberts sneaks out of the room through a window as Richard Gere is entering through the door. As I made my reservation, I wished I could see that room. Alas, the rooms I booked were both on the 3rd floor. Such is life. Perhaps, despite the fact that I don’t believe in them, I would at least see the rumored ghosts haunting the place.

My Stay at Atlantic Hotel

As I pulled up to the hotel, my first impression was that the building reminded me of a venerable older lady wearing pearls, perfect makeup and little gloves. (I in fact saw just such a lady in the dining room the next day.) It makes you think of a bygone elegance and long for simpler times before you even step through the door.

I made my way to the check in desk and the very friendly, helpful ladies informed me there was a change to my room. For some reason, (the constant wishing over a several month period since my original booking, perhaps?) I had been upgraded at no additional cost to Room 20. What is Room 20, you ask? Only the Richard Gere Room!

The room is nice sized and elegantly furnished. There is free WiFi and it is quite decent – I used it with Hulu to stream Runaway Bride late that night on my tablet, because obviously you have to re-watch the movie if you are staying in Room 20! The bed was very comfortable.

The bath is typical of baths from earlier times – smallish and a bit basic – but it functioned. The sink could do with a bit of updating, but the room was clean and had a nice selection of toiletries.

I did not go upstairs to check out my traveling companion’s room, but he said it was smaller than mine and a bit less luxurious, although equally clean.

There is free coffee in the hall and a restaurant on the first floor. If you turn in early, (6 to 9pm) you may be awakened by the live entertainment in the restaurant on Friday night. Otherwise, expect a quiet night’s sleep. (Although if you believe in ghosts, I guess you might not sleep as well as I, who do not, did!)

Why Should You Stay Here?

Who would enjoy a stay at the Atlantic Hotel? Movie buffshistory lovers, ghost hunters and anyone who has ever wanted to feel like he or she spent the night in a very welcoming and comfortable museum! (Seriously. The antique décor and 1800’s building…It was like I was allowed past the velvet ropes to ramble about unsupervised. Very cool.) If you want the place where you spend the night to be a destination and not just the place you sleep, you will want to book a few nights here.

Of course, a unique vintage hotel isn’t the right fit for everyone. If you like only the newest and best, want a spa sized bathroom and have no interest in history, you might not enjoy your stay.

For More Information

Atlantic Hotel
2 N Main St
Berlin, Maryland
Phone: (410) 641-3589

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