T at the General Store – Fine Dining in St. Michaels, Maryland

Have you ever planned an entire vacation around a restaurant? That is exactly what I did when I found out that there was a restaurant in St. Michaels, Maryland that was cooking with tea. I booked a 5 pm reservation for T at the General Store on our first night in St. Michaels. We arrived a few minutes early, so we meandered through the antique shop across the street while we waited for the restaurant to open.


We began with soup. I tried the Gazpacho and my dining companion had the roasted white corn soup. My soup was a shade on the spicy side for me, but well done and would be very refreshing on a hot summer day. The corn soup was not as thick as a traditional corn chowder and was slightly spicy with a rich flavor. My dining companion mentioned more than once that it was fantastic.

Gazpacho - cold soup

The accompanying bread and butter also deserve a mention. The waiter was justifiably proud of the butter, which is a house specialty and blended with tea, lemon and orange.

tea infused butter

I ordered iced tea, which had a refreshing, slightly floral taste and was perfectly brewed.

Our entrees were braised short ribs and grilled Scottish salmon. The ribs were very tender and had a rich flavor. The accompanying mashed potatoes were more smashed potatoes and turnips with cream and my companion said they were outstanding. My salmon was perfect, with an incredible flavor and (I hesitate to use such language, but it is true…) a clever pesto made with chopped walnuts. The salmon practically melted in my mouth.


We almost skipped dessert because the main dish was perfection, but the waiter mentioned bread pudding and I love the way a creative chef can transform such a simple, down home treat, so I ordered it. This pudding was perfectly moist and rich, with just the right amount of crunch from the nuts. My companion had ice cream from a local creamery, which he also enjoyed.

bread pudding

If you love tea and are looking for a fine dining experience in the St. Michaels area, I highly recommend T at the General Store. Staying in Oxford? This restaurant is also just  a short drive from the Oxford/Bellevue ferry. We passed it coming and going from the ferry.

For More Information:

T at the General Store

25942 Royal Oak Road

Easton, MD

Phone: (410) 745-8402

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