Sweet Spice Bake Shop in North East, Maryland

Sweet Spice Bake Shop

I stopped by a new bakery this weekend on my way through North East, Maryland. Sweet Spice Bake Shop is an absolutely adorable little bakery with a charming outdoor spot for enjoying a treat in good weather and a lovely little spot for eating indoors in not so good weather. I was planning to try a sticky bun, but got a bit carried away. Luckily, I had help eating all the treats I ended up buying!

savory muffin

I ended up with a savory muffin, but tried a bit of everything else. The muffin actually is a complete breakfast, since it has bacon, an egg, cheese and spinach. Yum. Definitely something I’d try again if I wanted breakfast on the go.

The other treat that got top marks with us was the cranberry scone. I didn’t get to take a photo of it and only had the tiniest crumb because apparently it was so good it disappeared before I could get a real taste. The crumb I did eat was excellent.

The sticky bun we originally went in for is more of a brown sugar topped bun. Everyone agreed it was good, but not the traditional, gooey, ooey, caramelized topping dripping off the sides treat that we think of when we want a sticky bun.

bread pudding

The bread pudding was definitely decent, although not as rich as some I’ve had. I’d order it again if I had a craving for bread pudding and didn’t want to make it.

Gluten free lemon bar

The gluten free lemon bar was the other star attraction. Sweet with just enough lemony tartness to balance it. I’d say it was probably the best lemon bar I’ve ever eaten.

All in all, I’d say the charm of the location and the excellent scone, savory muffin and lemon bar make this a spot we’ll visit again when we’re in the mood for breakfast on the run.

For More Information:

Sweet Spice Bake Shop

17 S Main St
North East, MD 21901

(410) 287-5021

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