Pokemon Go Gyms and Pokestops in Havre de Grace, Maryland 1

Havre de Grace Pokemon Go Gyms and Stops

Havre de Grace is filled with Pokemon Go Gyms and Stops

If you are looking to train and fight your way through some levels with Pokemon Go, Havre de Grace is a great place to be. There are quite a few gyms in town. Looking for more Poke Balls, potions and revives? Head toward one of the many Pokestops lining the streets of downtown Havre de Grace. Once you are in fighting shape, visit the promenade and lighthouse area to search for some of the more elusive water Pokemon! I’m compiling a list of all the Pokestops and gyms as I discover them in town:


Havre de Grace Library (When your team takes over the gym, let a librarian know so they can change the gym’s sign at the customer service desk!)

Susquehanna Lower Ferry

Havre de Grace Analog Clock

MacGregor’s Pub and Restaurant

Grace Reformed Episcopal Church

Bomboy’s Fresh Cream Cow Statue (Conveniently located near the ice cream shop. Yum!)

State of Readiness Plaque in the park

Sara D Wing Memorial Bench Gym


Havre de Grace Engine Company 52

Havre de Grace Methodist Church

Havre de Grace Presbyterian Church

Vineyard Wine Bar and Bistro

La Cucina Italian Restaurant


Seneca Cannery

Old Ordinary

Frank J. Hutchins Memorial Park

Blues Brothers Statues

Tidewater Marina

Bay City Ministries Church

Room At the Cross Mission Church

New Beginning Christian Church

Enjoy Your Stay Mural

Chipparelli’s of Little Italy

Amtrak Bridge

Vandiver Inn

Spencer Silver Mansion

Saint Patrick Catholic Church

First Baptist Church

Statue of Saint Patrick

Havre de Grace City Hall

US Post Office

Havre de Grace, Maryland Mural

In Loving Memory of Reginald Jones Plaque

Old Post Road: Susquehanna Low

La Banque

Le Fishie

Post 8126 Mural


Under AttackĀ  (sign at part of Star Spangled Banner Trail)

Jean S Roberts Memorial Park

War in the Chesapeake (sign)

Havre de Grace slide

Capt. Anthony J Synodinos Memorial

Tydings Memorial Park (at sign)

Lower Susquehanna Heritage Greenway sign

Havre de Grace Decoy Museum sign

Schaffer Family Memorial bench

HDG Decoy Museum

Memorial for Bob Geddes

Mo Shane Bell

Boat Propeller Monument

Maritime Museum Anchors

Currier House

Marini Dedication bench

Crucial Connections sign

Dangerous Waters sign

Diane K. Ford Memorial Bench

Joseph L. Davis Memorial flagpole


As you chase down that elusive Pokemon, don’t forget to stay safe:

  • Stop somewhere out of the flow of traffic to glance at your phone occasionally instead of staring at it as you walk.
  • See if you can snag your Poke balls and other items from the sidewalk you are standing on when you see a Pokestop across the street.
  • Play with a friend or a group of friends, especially if you are playing at night or in an area you aren’t familiar with. Havre de Grace is a wonderful town, but some people in other states have run into thieves while playing.




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