Play Pokemon Go in Havre de Grace, Maryland

If  your kids are having fun playing Pokemon Go, Havre de Grace, Maryland is a great spot to visit. It is a walking town that has plenty of Pokemon gyms and Pokestops to explore. There are also plenty of characters that are not always available in places without waterfront. This gives your kids a chance to catch some unique and interesting little characters they may not discover in the city, like Magikarp and Dewgong. Don’t forget to check out the nearby parks or grassy areas for Oddish, Gloom, Bellsprout and Weepinbell. I actually caught all four of these grass dwelling little guys near the Havre de Grace branch of the Harford County Public Library, which is one of the many gyms in the area. (Don’t forget to grab some more Pokeballs from the fire house across the street. before you head up the block.)

Hot Spots for Catching Pokemon

The area by Concord Point Lighthouse is one of the top spots for finding some rarer Pokemon in Harford County. Tydings Memorial Park on the other end of the promenade is also seeing a lot of action. Head downtown and you’re pretty likely to see a few lured stops. There seems to be at least one lit up within the Washington Street/Union Avenue area all day long. If you don’t see a live lure, wait about a half hour and look again. It is such a popular area that someone is always setting a lure. People are also finding quite a few Pokemon, including some rare critters, at the Lock House.

Learn as You Go:

Homeschool families or parents wanting to keep their kids learning over summer break can easily turn this trip into a learning experience.Pokemon Go - Three Steps Away

  • Have the kids make paper maps that show each spot they visit and where each critter they catch is located.
  • Before your trip, look up some fun facts about the historical spots in the area. As you explore, you can mention that before a building was a Poke stop, it was the place where a specific historical event occurred and have a quick discussion about the event.
  • Talk about the math involved in catching Pokemon. How many actual steps do they have to take before a critter that is three steps away is two steps away? Using that number, can they estimate how many actual steps they’ll need to take before they reach the Pokemon? Younger children can count how many balls they had to throw for each capture.

Pro tips:

Before you leave your house, discuss the things that won’t happen even if you come upon the rarest Pokemon on earth have a convention. Trespassing on private property, going up a side street alone, running into the street, etc. are all things a child might do in the excitement of the moment as he or she chases down an elusive critter. Talking about what not to do ahead of time and potential consequences, such as losing phone privileges for the rest of the day, can help your kids remember to use common sense while having fun.

  • Stay safe – You don’t have to physically cross the street to get to the Poke stop on the other side. For example, if you leave the library’s gym and want to go to the fire house stop, you will actually be close enough to access it from the sidewalk in front of the library. You’ll find this to be true of many Poke stops and gyms.
  • Look up -Your kids don’t have to stare at their screens as they walk. Your phone will usually vibrate when a Pokemon appears. Instead, look for safe spots to pause and check your phone for upcoming stops and gyms and the telltale swirls of green that mean a critter is near. Map out a plan to safely get to those places with your kids so they are less likely to dart across streets or run into things as they walk.
  • Stay hydrated and cool down -There is the Bomboy ice cream shop in town, as well as a little place called Promenade Grill that sells refreshments in the Tydings Memorial Park near the promenade. On a budget? The library has a water fountain and plenty of great spaces to explore as you recharge your energy.
  • Remember that there will be another chance – Even the rarest Pokemon will eventually appear again.

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