Planning a Vacation in Crisfield, Maryland

Crisfield, Maryland - home of gorgeous sunsets...

Crisfield, Maryland – home of gorgeous sunsets…

Looking to take a vacation in a quiet, charming waterfront town? How about a vacation in a bustling, event packed little waterfront town? Depending on what is going on that weekend, Crisfield, Maryland offers both. I visited for a few days the weekend before a big event and enjoyed a relaxing few days exploring the town and surrounding area. If you want the hustle and bustle, you’ll want to check out upcoming events and book your vacation around one of them instead, but I am big on quietly roaming around and checking out back roads or wildlife areas.

If you want to stay in Crisfield, the Paddlewheel Motel, now called Captain Tyler’s, is pretty much the only option. The rooms are reasonably priced and clean and the owner was very pleasant, so it was no hardship to stay there. As long as you understand you are coming to an old fashioned motel, you won’t be disappointed. The location is just far enough from the waterfront for a nice evening walk. Wander up after dinner to catch the best show in town – the spectacular sunset – and to buy an ice cream cone at the little shop right on the water. (Contact Donna at Captain Tyler’s at 410-968-2220.)

Do you like to dine at the place where the locals grab a bite when you are on vacation? It is right next door to the ice cream shop – Water’s Edge Cafe. I had an excellent Reuben and some of the famous local Smith Island cake. We enjoyed our meal so much that we went back the next morning for breakfast.

Truly spectacular sunsets, good food and great people

Truly spectacular sunsets, good food and great people

Unfortunately, I didn’t leave myself with enough time to visit the islands. The ferry leaves at 12:30 in the afternoon and comes back around 4 or 5 pm. I’ll be visiting again so that I can spend a day photographing the pelicans on Smith Island.

I did get to visit Jane’s Island State Park. It is a nice spot for cabin/camping spot rentals if you prefer a slightly more rustic experience instead of a motel stay.

Oh, and I did drive through the old town of Marion Station, the East Coast’s only official ghost town, but there were very few buildings and it isn’t a trip most people will want to take. There is one small lovely building that is for sale that is worth a visit if you like architecture, though. Maybe someone will buy it and turn it into an art studio or something fabulous. It is really a sweet little place. (5745 Tulls Corner Road in Marion Station, MD if you are interested in finding out more.)

This is definitely a spot I plan to visit again. If anyone has tips on places I must see or additional restaurant locations, I’d love to hear from you!

Crisfield From Jane's Island

Crisfield From Jane’s Island State Park

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