JoJo’s Diner – Chesapeake City, Maryland

JoJo's Diner Chesapeake City Maryland restaurantWe were driving through Chesapeake City, Maryland, on our way south to the beach today about lunchtime. After waiting 15 minutes to get across the bridge, we pulled into a little strip mall. There was a pizza joint there, but I’d had my fill of Italian recently and we decided to drive out the other entrance and head further south. I almost didn’t see JoJo’s Diner tucked in between the other businesses in the next little strip. I’m glad I did. This little place has the most welcoming staff I’ve ever seen and good, solid diner food.

Seating is self serve. We chose a booth and were barely settled before a waitress was warmly welcomingwhere to eat breakfast chesapeake city maryland us and taking our drink orders. Breakfast is served all day, so I opted for an order of two eggs with bacon ($5.59 on weekends or weekdays after 11 a.m. $4.49 7 a.m. to 11 a.m. Monday to Friday.) This meal comes with home fries and toast. You can customize your home fries, so I asked to have onions and cheese added. They were nicely cooked and definitely something I’d order again. The eggs were real scrambled eggs.

My mom, who came with me for the ride, ordered a sliced turkey breast sandwich upgraded to the make-a-club option ($6.99 for Club or $4.99 for Turkey Club at JoJo's Dinerregular sandwich.) The club was good, with real turkey breast instead of lunch meat. We asked for a side of pickles, which the waitress quickly provided. Chips or fries are extra when you order sandwiches. If you are looking for a heartier lunch, a burger basket comes with fries and coleslaw.

The food was definitely better than what I’ve eaten at several diners lately, but where JoJo’s really knocks it out of the ballpark is with the service. I have NEVER had food cooked and delivered to my table so quickly, especially when a restaurant is almost filled with customers. On top of that, one of the other tables left the food they had boxed to take home behind by accident and their waitress literally ran out of the building to catch them before they left the parking lot.

For More Information:

JoJo’s Diner

2535 Augustine Herman Hwy

Chesapeake City, MD 21915


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