Conowingo Dam Fisherman’s Park – Eagles, Fishing, Hiking and More

At the Conowingo DamWhile it isn’t a beach, Conowingo Dam is definitely a water oriented place. I visit this spot located between Cecil and Harford Counties on Route 1 several times a year to look for Bald eagles, herons and other water birds. There are usually plenty of loons, swallows, blackbirds and gulls, too. (Not to mention a massive population of vultures!) Even in the bitterest winter months, you’ll see a few die-hard photographers huddled in their warmest coats as they wait for the chance to finally get the image of their dreams.

While I definitely go for the bird watching and occasional pony sighting, my brother, along with many other men and a few women who are serious about the sport, goes for the fishing. There are times that the lower parts of the dam are closed for your safety, so you may want to check the current status before you pack up your gear and your waders.

Don’t care for either of these hobbies? There is a great hiking trail that starts right at the parking lot and several nice picnic tables. There are also several events held at the Dam that draw a big crowd.

The nearby visitor’s center is also a nice place to stop, especially for homeschooling families or people interested in the history of the Dam. Admission is free.

For More Information:

Conowingo Dam¬†Fisherman’s Park

2569 Shures Landing Road,

Darlington, MD 21034


Generator Schedule (Tenative)

1-888-457-4076 (The eagles really start fishing when the gates open, so if you are coming specifically to see them, knowing the schedule can be useful.)

Visitor’s Center

4948 Conowingo Road
Darlington, Maryland 21034

[gmap title=”Conowingo Dam” show_heading=”1″ latitude=”39.6558902″ longitude=”-76.174956″ zoom=”5″ width=”100%” height=”350px” map_type=”ROADMAP”]

Blackbird on the Rocks


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