Blackthorn Irish Pub – St. Michaels, Maryland

My brother, who is a huge fan of Irish cuisine, asked to dine at Blackthorn Irish Pub during our trip to St. Michaels. We went a bit early in the evening and were quickly seated. Unfortunately, the waitress didn’t hear the hostess tell her we were in our section. We almost left and went elsewhere after trying to flag down a waitress during a 25 minute wait. After that less than stellar start, we were a little hesitant to stay, but we were already seated. Luckily, we did stay, because after the rough start, we had a wonderful meal.
fried pickles

I ordered fried pickles as an appetizer. They turned out to be amazing. Massive and perfectly cooked, with a tangy dill flavor. The portion size was really generous. Honestly, if I wouldn’t have been splitting the appetizer, I wouldn’t have had room for the rest of my meal!
corned beef and cabbage
I ordered corned beef and cabbage. Done well, this humble meat and veggie dish can be fabulous. This was definitely the case this time around. The tender corned beef was flavorful and not too salty and the dish had a fun twist – thinly sliced potatoes and Old Bay seasoning. The Old Bay really added some nice flavor to the cabbage and potatoes.

For more information:

Blackthorn Irish Pub
209 S Talbot St,
St Michaels, MD 21663
Phone: (410) 745-8011

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